Thank you for booking

I’ve booked my session, now what?

Once we have scheduled your session, we will discuss the style you are looking for to pick the perfect location for our time together.  There are so many wonderful places around our area, and we will choose one that will bring out the best in what you are looking to create.  Keep in mind that sometimes the greatest place to photograph is in your own home!  I also have many tried and true locations to choose from.

We will take our time during your session.  My goal is to showcase you in the best way possible.  Your natural self is the best thing to bring with you.  In addition to the portrait work, I will also be looking for those undirected moments that speak to your personality and your relationships. I will photograph you from different angles, and perspectives.

Sessions usually take their allotted time, if not a little bit longer.  Once we are finished, I will begin the process of editing your images. I will post a small sneak peek on Facebook with images from your session (with permission), you may tag yourselves or others and show them off, just please follow the copyright rules and do not remove my watermark from them. Then I will build a private gallery to view your images on my website and email you the password when it is ready.  You can expect to see your gallery within 7-10 days of our session date, once the gallery is up, you will have 10 days to place your order. All orders are placed online through your gallery using Paypal and/or Debit/Credit card. Once your order is placed, you can expect to receive your prints within two weeks of placing and paying for your order.

Thank you again, for booking a session with Laura Sharkey Photography.

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